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Girl First Aid Flu Ambulance


Want to have superpowers and heal cute dolls? Here is the perfect opportunity, try out this amazing doctor game and offer this beautiful doll first aid in the ambulance. Our precius doll seriously hurt herself and needs immediate medical care, do you think you can handle the pressure? Start an IV, put on the oxygen mask to relax her and breathe easily, and begin the treatment. Be an awesome paramadic and show off your skills, examine our sweet little doll for wounds, cuts, bruises, take X-rays, check her heartbeat, remove the splinter using pliers, clean the injury of blood and carefully put a bandage, quickly because it really hurts a lot, take an injection to prevent infections, and finally heal her eye bruise with a bag of ice. Take care of this beautiful doll in this addictive ambulance doctor game and have fun treating patients. Features: Try the coolest doctor tools: EKG machine, injections, pliers, stethoscope, oxygen masks; Enjoy attractive and colorful visuals in this awesome game; Administer treatment to make our cute doll feel better: heart monitoring, check blood pressure, clean wounds, put perfusion, offer pills against pain and infection, put oxygen mask to breathe easily, ice to heal bruise;Share first aid game with your friends and challenge them to become the best medic!